I am a journalist at Forbes Magazine and Forbes.com covering technology with a focus on social and digital media businesses, based in San Francisco. Previously, I was an interactive news writer at the Wall Street Journal in New York. I graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in English in June 2013. I have reported for Bloomberg News, from San Francisco and New York; The Wall Street Journal, from Johannesburg; the Mail & Guardian, from Johannesburg and Cape Town; The Chautauquan Daily, from Southwestern New York; and The Stanford Daily, where I worked as president and editor in chief.


At Bloomberg News, I first reported for the technology and telecommunications teams and then for the insurance and finance teams. My writing appeared on the Bloomberg Terminal and in Bloomberg Businessweek and has also been syndicated by the International Herald Tribune, The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the San Francisco Chronicle and The Boston Globe.

I am passionate about the importance of storytelling in society. Some of my interests include the tech industry, international development, migration and displacement, investigative and data journalism, mental health, national security, finance and entrepreneurship.

I was born in Ontario, grew up in Indiana, and am a citizen of both the U.S. and Canada. In spare time I love cycling, reading, yoga, hiking and going to art exhibits.