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Bloomberg: Cops Returned to Crashed Plane Until Fire Drove Them Out

This Bloomberg Businessweek story is a tick-tock account of the rescue efforts made by the only two police officers who entered the Asiana plane that crashed in July 2013 at San Francisco Airport.


Photo by NTSB via Getty Images

By Kathleen Chaykowski

Anyone who boards a commercial airliner might wonder at some point: What would happen in a crash? Is my seat in a good part of the plane? Would that man next to me panic? Is this dirty seat fabric really fireproof?

Gaetano Caltagirone and James Cunningham can tell you. They can tell you more than they knew just a week ago and far more than they ever wanted to know. They can tell you what it’s like when you expect to hear screaming and only hear moans.

Lieutenant Caltagirone and Officer Cunningham were the only San Francisco police to enter the cabin of Asiana Flight 214 (020560) after it tore apart in a crash landing July 6, killing two of its 307 passengers and crew. They saw how passengers reacted — some bravely, some bizarrely — and they saw how a modern jetliner behaves in a catastrophe.
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Bloomberg: New York Chases Silicon Valley With Roosevelt Island Site

This Bloomberg News tech column looks at New York’s effort to spark tech growth in the city, particularly through graduate tech and applied sciences campus headed by Cornell and the Technion- Israel Institute for Technology. 


Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

By Kathleen Chaykowski 

New York City’s ambitions to challenge Silicon Valley as a technology center are taking root on a narrow isle in the East River, where Cornell University is building a $2 billion campus and startup incubator.

Manhattan’s Roosevelt Island will be home to a new engineering and applied science graduate school, part of a bet that the next Apple Inc. (AAPL) could be born in the Big Apple. West Coast companies are already helping lay the groundwork, with Google Inc. (GOOG) donating office space to the project and Facebook Inc. (FB) hosting a “hackathon” to build buzz with all-night programming binges.
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WSJ: In South Africa, a Grassroots Battle on Baby Abandonment

This Wall Street Journal feature probes the rise of infant abandonment in South Africa and how the issue compares to trends globally. I speak to government officials, NGOs, and Joburg women.

WSJphotohomePhoto by David Dini for The Wall Street Journal

By Kathleen Chaykowski

JOHANNESBURG—South Africa, buffeted by AIDS and economic crisis, is grappling with a related issue, baby abandonment.

When police in Port Elizabeth confirmed earlier this month that they had retrieved a newborn boy, alive in a shoe box inside a plastic bag, it added to accounts of infants abandoned by mothers in toilets, flowerpots, railroad tracks, rubbish bins, sidewalks and city parks. Many perish. Others are left to hospitals, acquaintances or charities, as mothers seek ways to give better lives to children they can’t support.

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M&G: Who Killed Noxolo?

This Mail & Guardian video looks at the rise of homophobic violence in Kwa Thema, South Africa. I helped film footage, record a voice over, and did a piece to camera at this community rally.

Chq Daily: Finding Heritage in Sound

As the Symphony Orchestra reporter at The Chautauquan Daily, I previewed orchestra concerts and wrote music features. This piece profiles conductor Yaov Talmi, cello soloist Julie Albers, and the story told through the repertoire. 

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 1.44.20 AM

By Kathleen Chaykowski

For guest conductor Yoav Talmi, personal heritage has always been at the core of his music making. Talmi grew up in a 700-person village in Israel that was rich with music. Musicians flooded to Israel from Europe as a result of World War II, Talmi said, and the outcome was an opportunity to learn from some of the best that the music world had to offer.
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Stanford Daily: Groundbreaking Set for Concert Hall, Part of New Arts Initiative

This Stanford Daily piece reports on groundbreaking plans for Stanford’s Bing Concert Hall, considering the facility in the context of the University’s movement to expand the arts scene on campus.DailyGraphic by Architect Renderings, Polshek Partnership Architects

By Kathleen Chaykowski

The groundbreaking date has been set for the University’s new Bing Concert Hall, a building that has been in the planning stage for more than a decade and represents part of a larger effort at Stanford to revive the arts, an area sometimes overshadowed by the University’s more technical and scientific focus.

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